These detect deteriorations of the insulation level at an early stage and in reliable way. The solution continuously monitors the I nsulation level/leakage currents in the system and issue an alarm if the value falls below a set response value. (Manufacturer: Bender GmbH - Germany)

Insulation Monitors (Un-Earthed)

Residual Current Monitors (Earthed)

Universally applicable devices in AC, AC/DC and DC systems.

Can be applied on extensive DC supplied loads like rectifiers, inverters and VFDs.

Can work up to 1000V which can be extended to 17kV with coupling devices.

Adjustable response values with programable Inputs/Outputs.

Automatic device Self-Test to make devices more reliable.

The solution can identify exact faulty circuit in complex power network.

Increased fire protection, reduce downtime and optimized planned maintenance.



Electrical safety costs little………. A Human life is Priceless. We have the answer for reliable and cost effective electrical safety solutions for healthcare facilities. Our Principal M/s Bender GmbH – Germany is ensuring the electrical safety in hospitals around the world.

  • Isolated Power Panels for Medical Group 2 locations (Operation Theaters, ICUs etc

  • Surgical Control Panels and Alarm Indicators for easy Man-Machine interface.

Isolated Power Panel

Safe & Secure Electrical Power

Power supply is not interrupted by the 1st insulation fault which avoids the tripping of life saving devices.

Medical electrical equipment continues to function.

Fault currents are reduced to uncritical level for patient and medical staff.

No panic breaks in OT because power failure is averted.

Identifies exact faulty circuits.

Surgical Control Panel (Touch Screen)

Easy-to-use, touch sensitive control system for medical Technology

Flush mounted Benzel frame with Anti - Bacterial Membrane surface.

Easy integration with third party systems like OT Table control, medical gases system, intercom etc.

Clear Menu Structure with self-explanatory images.

Automatic Plug and Play software update.

Bender is pioneer in Electrical safety at Hospitals. We, PowerPlus Electric Co. provides technical support from design to commissioning and after sale services for Electrical Safety at Hospitals in Oman and Kuwait.

POWERSCOUT® A Web Based Software Solution

The web-based software solution helps you detect abnormalities at an early stage and alarms to take corrective actions in an economically reasonable way. This guarantees high installation and operational safety and reduces costs.

Monitoring Parameters:

Residual Current

Stray Currents

Central Earthing point

Neutral Conductor

Commissioning Wizards