Power Quality & Harmonic Analysis

Power supply conditions such as power outages, spikes, sags, surges, harmonics etc. can cause nuisance operation and even damage the electrical devices connected to them. Harmonics is observed to be present in all the industrial projects. Even on residential or commercial projects with good amount of lighting controls, data centers servers; the harmonics are considerable.

During expansion of the running plants often the new electrical equipment added. These new technology equipment cause considerable harmonics and can cause disturbance in old set-up. The common practice on all projects is to have calculations on harmonics for provisional estimate. Then it must be verified with on-site measurements. PowerPlus can be of assistance form design calculations and onsite measurement for verification. We can undertake complete scope form measurements, supply, installation, testing, commissioning of AHF.

Harmonic filters must be integrated with power factor correction capacitors and must withstand any harmonics absorbed from a utility system or neighboring plant. Filters must also continue to function when loads in the plant vary or major elements such as transformers are taken out of service for maintenance. With careful planning, filters can be designed to reliably serve their intended purpose without creating new problems.

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